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Hewlett Packard - Houston, TX

The Davey crew’s attention to detail helped to create a natural getaway for over 125,000 technology employees at the Hewlett Packard campus in Houston, TX.

Set on 270 acres, this sprawling outdoor space needs to provide over 125,000 technology employees with a natural getaway during the workday. The client wanted to maintain the established space by making minor enhancements and perfecting the landscape’s details. With the property’s symmetrical layout, HP needed Davey’s eye for detail to replicate a seamless aesthetic throughout the campus’s various sites.

Using recycled water from an on-site pond is eco-friendly but presents an issue. The irrigation system supplies over 30 buildings within a 5-mile radius. As such, Davey limited control over the system, leading to difficulties with water pressure, consistency, and modifications.

Additionally, an archway separating the two, symmetrical landscape sites creates an intense wind tunnel. Blistering in the summer and freezing in the winter, the wind burns, damages, and often destroys plants. Finally, the soil was severely compacted due to previous, repetitive mowing patterns.

As Davey uncovered new irrigation valves, previously unmaintained, they repaired them to improve the units and overall flow of water. We’re also creating a detailed irrigation map to better allocate resources and resolve problems in the future.

In the wind tunnel, Davey focused on preserving the health and well-being of current plants to boost their longevity. To make cost-effective changes, they had to replace materials upon injury with low-growing shade plants that require little water.

Additionally, Davey had to adjust their mowing pattern and route to relieve the compacted soil and improve the overall health of the turf.

Maintaining the many hedges within the campus proved to be difficult. The team had to find the right balance between hard pruning, maintaining a pleasing look, and staying on budget. Additionally, certain areas of the property, due to ideal temperature and moisture levels, required more weed control than anticipated. Davey then shifted their focus to eliminating the weeds before they seed. This reduces weed treatment costs and optimizes grass growth.

While the inside of HP’s tech buildings buzz with energy, the surrounding landscape exudes a different essence. When employees step outside, they emerge into a peaceful, green space to recharge. Instantly, they’re surrounded by hundreds of exuberant trees, sprightly turf, and serene bodies of water. Walking the campus, the 100,000-plus employees are never far from the shade of a tree, the bloom of a flower, or the comfort of turf. Strolling the campus, the green oasis appears effortless. Yet, the crew caring for this expansive 270 acres knows otherwise. It takes an eye for detail and a meticulous hand to make the symmetrical landscape shine.

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