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10 Unique Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the most powerful first impression factor for commercial properties.

Add curb appeal to your property.

It makes people take notice. It boosts property values. It increases safety, foot traffic, energy savings—and a whole lot more.

And while your property may have a fair amount of curb appeal already, we bet there’s more you could do. So we asked Davey’s design partner, Anne Coke, president of Coke Consulting LLC of West Palm Beach, Florida, for some ideas.

Our expert shares 10 thoughtful, yet not-so-ordinary ways to enhance curb appeal:

  1. LOOK AROUND: Which businesses catch your eye? Find inspiration in what others are doing, then adapt some of those ideas for your property.
  2. OPEN UP THE LINE OF SIGHT: Trim shrubbery away from windows, entryways and signage to bring air, space and light into the landscape.
  3. TAKE A PICTURE: Snap a photo of your property so you can take a fresh look at what's working (and what's not).
  4. ADD A PUNCH OF COLOR: Punch up a lacklaster, all-green landscape with pops of color. Annuals are a fast and affordable fix.
  5. PLANT NEW: Bring in different types of plant material to add texture and interest.
  6. CREATE A DESTINATION: Add fetching yet functional walkways within a corporate park for enjoyment of both customers and employees.
  7. BRIGHTEN IT UP—LITERALLY: Exchange traditional nighttime white lights for assorted pink, yellow or green spotlights.
  8. USE LAYERS: Work with a professional to design a more balanced landscape that successfully incorporates rhythm, repetition and proportion.
  9. XERISCAPE: Develop a plan for sustainable, water-saving area within your traditional landscape. Along with native, drought-tolerant plants, include a pollinator garden to attract bees, birds and butterflies.
  10. TRY BEFORE YOUR BUY: Request a sketch and photo rendering to help bring design concepts to life like this example on the right.

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