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Outsmart Jack Frost by Planning Ahead in the Fall

From protecting sensitive plant material, to readying irrigation systems, to putting a snow and ice management program in place, now is the best time to plan your move.

Think Spring! 

“Think of winterizing as preparation for the spring season,” says Greg Myers, VP Operations. “Sensitive plant material requires extra protection so we install burlap to protect both plants and lawns from harsh conditions and salt spray.”

Typically, landscape winterizing means tidying up and flushing out summer systems. For maximum impact, Regional Manager John Wright recommends a comprehensive plan that includes general clean up, dormant pruning, anti-desiccant sprays, and irrigation flushing. “The better you care for your landscape in the winter,” he says, “the less you have to get it ready for the spring.”

Of course, prep time is a little different in the South because of the warmer temperatures, says Kitchie. “Our growing season is year-round but winter is one of our most important seasons with the return of the snowbirds. Our prep includes keeping irrigation systems in good working order, protecting plants from rare cold snaps, and managing detail work.”

Snow Days

While snow and ice may seem far away, they’re not, says Morgan. “Supplies of salt and sand could be scarce in any given year, so don’t be caught short. Contracting now allows you to confidently secure the proper materials.”

Davey offers three standard snow management coverage levels for a worry-free winter:

  1. Seasonal/Monthly: Davey provides on-site snow removal, de-icing, 24-hour monitoring, and more.
  2. Per-Winter Event: Davey offers local weather tracking and automatic dispatching of snow removal crews whenever the accumulation reaches a set amount.
  3. Time and Material: Davey tracks weather forecasts and obtains authorization for deployment only when a snow event is forecasted.

Talk to your Davey Representative today for a custom winterizing plan. 

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