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Smart Planning with Asset Inventories

Your property is made up of many green assets (such as trees, shrubs, and landscaped beds) and non- living assets (think park benches, irrigation heads, and signs). Asset inventories offer a method of tracking the number, features, and conditions of all these assets in their geographic location on your property.

Get Control:
The number one reason our clients are interested in asset inventories is for planning. With the information collected at an inventory, managers can make budget-savvy property decisions supported by data and statistics. For instance, with your green assets, an inventory can assist you by tracking what work has been done, mapping out care cycles, and allocating budget based on actual field information.

Get Started:
The first step is deciding what information to collect that will help you make useful, informed decisions. The data is cleaned and provided it to you in your preferred format. We offer clients the option to store their data in our TreeKeeper software, which helps streamline work orders, track the condition of assets, and generate reports.

Get Results:
Use the data to drive results. This can be re-prioritizing work to suit your budget, or illustrating the effectiveness of your landscape plans to a board of directors. Address liability concerns with asset health data and share the quantified value of your green space with key stakeholders. You can also gain insight on the CO2, water, energy and property value benefits associated with your landscaping.

Get Going:
Davey has completed over 500 tree inventories across America and developed our patented TreeKeeper® Management Software based on user feedback. A property inventory will better direct crew work, creating potential efficiency gains.

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