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The Davey Institute: Supporting Clients’ Needs with Landscape R&D

Founded in 1909, the Davey Institute is Davey’s research and development arm—bringing scientists and technicians together to develop cutting edge technologies and plant health care strategies. The Davey Institute offers the following programs and services to benefit our clients and the landscape industry:

  • Technical Services Team – Experts in a wide range of plant care disciplines act as scientist advisors in each region and are available as resources to help solve our clients’ specific lawn and tree care issues.
  • Research Facilities – The Davey Institute maintains four specialized laboratory facilities, including two USDA-APHIS certified diagnostic facilities for diagnosing and analyzing our clients’ plant and soil health care needs, a Bio-Ecological Laboratory focused on environmental policy compliance and development, and the 28-acre Shalersville Research Station for field trials and tree-related research.
  • Environmental Programs – Davey is an industry leader in environmental stewardship, awareness, transparency, and accountability. Our corporate sustainability programs ensure that responsible pesticide use, integrated pest management, pollinator protection, and corporate responsibility are embedded within our services.
  • Training Programs – Ongoing training programs through the Davey Institute ensure that Davey employees are highly skilled and prepared to deliver a high level of value to every client. 

Keep in mind that the Institute is here to serve your needs. Some of the services and solutions we offer commercial clients include:

  • Development of more effective and efficient landscape products, including advanced fertilizer and soil care treatments
  • Invasive species pest management
  • Mobile data collection and software for more effective landscape management

If you have an issue on your property that might benefit from research and analysis by our experts, we encourage you to reach out to your account manager today.

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