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Supporting J&J’s Sustainability Efforts

Longtime Davey client Johnson & Johnson presented details of its new sustainability goals during an Earth Day event at their Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, campus. Jason Parker, district manager, was invited to attend the event. Johnson & Johnson is working to make the campus 80 percent sustainable by 2020 and 100 percent by 2050. To meet this goal, the client installed a solar array and stormwater management system on site, which has created some unique landscape maintenance challenges for Davey.

Davey crews regularly apply turf growth regulator around the solar array to minimize mowing requirements and prevent damage to the arrays, which are expensive to replace if accidentally damaged. The crews must keep wildflowers—seeded as part of a stormwater management system—out of the turf.

Davey also prioritizes protecting the health of the 80-plus ash trees at the site against the emerald ash borer. Strict local regulations require inch-for-inch tree replacement for removed trees, which could result in a large expense should the trees require removal. For example, if a 30-inch tree was removed, enough new trees would need to be planted to equal the removed 30-inch tree. In addition to answering questions about the trees on Johnson & Johnson’s campus, Parker answered employees’ questions about how to protect their own trees.

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