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Tips for Permit Approval when Developing Property

Developing a new commercial property can mean red tape due to well-intentioned government regulation. Simply understanding the agency acronyms and compliance terminology can be a challenge. That’s where Davey Resource Group comes in, offering expert environmental compliance assistance. 

Know Before You Buy

Many clients seek professional help only after they’ve gone through the expense of drawing up complex development plans. “It’s cheaper to know the obstacles of your site before design or even purchase of the property if at all possible,” notes DRG senior biologist and project manager Judith Mitchell. To avoid headaches later, our team can come out to your site early in the process to alert you to any issues that might significantly impact project cost and timeline.

Avoid Delays and Unexpected Costs

Naturally occurring site characteristics like streams, forests and wildlife habitats can make or break a property’s potential for development. “The location and quantity of water resources on a site is the number one thing that costs our clients money,” points out Mitchell. Filling in existing streams and wetlands is regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or state department of natural resources, and it can require costly mitigation. Other notable causes of construction delay are regulations protecting historical sites or endangered species. Identifying these conditions on your property could require expensive field surveys and confining seasonal work schedules.

Call in The Pros

Hand off the complicated environmental permit process to the pros at DRG. Our team has longstanding relationships with state and federal agencies, on-staff scientists and professionally certified specialists, and countless years of experience working on a variety of property development projects. Mitchell reiterates her suggestion to involve the team at DRG sooner than later: “Early coordination is key, but DRG has experience at all stages of property development and permit compliance.”

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