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Environmental Consulting Services


Ecological Consulting & Urban and Community Forestry Services

Servicing New England States & Surrounding Areas

Our New England Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) office provides comprehensive and custom-made environmental and ecological consulting services to our clients.

Our team of certified experts can help you with your environmental design and ecosystem restoration projects, urban and community forests, and invasive species control. We are committed to providing localized services to the New England areas.

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Davey Resource Group New England Office

Phil Hanna - Area Manager: Philip.Hanna@davey.com | 978-473-6220
Bill Stendrup - Project Developer: Bill.Stendrup@davey.com | 508-825-3217
Patti Burns - Principal Consultant, Ecosystem Restoration, Wetlands & Land Use Permitting: Patti.Burns@davey.com | 774-493-0008
Mark Dew - Associate Consultant, Tree Preservation & Protection: Mark.Dew@davey.com | 330-541-3732
Clayton Morse - Associate Consultant, Invasive Species and Vegetation Management: Clayton.Morse@davey.com |508-340-5976
Moriah Day - Associate Consultant, Urban and Community Forestry: Moriah.Day@davey.com | 959-888-1019

Areas serviced: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island

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