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Environmental Consulting Services


Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

Areas Serviced: New Jersey & Surrounding Areas

Our New Jersey office understands the importance of preserving natural resources and the challenges maintaining those natural resources brings. Our team of experts has extensive experience in providing wetlands, endangered species, and other ecological services, like wetland mitigation design, environmental impact analysis, environmental planning, and permitting to public and private sector clients.

Endangered and Threatened Species Services

Our team of experts holds specific certifications and qualifications to perform surveys and develop management plans for certain state-federally listed endangered and threatened species including plants, invertebrates, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Federally listed species include Indiana bat, northern long-eared bat, bog turtle, Atlantic, and shortnose sturgeon, piping plover, seabeach amaranth, swamp pink, small whorled pogonia, and Knieskern's beaked rush, puritan tiger beetle, and northeastern beach tiger beetle. 

>> View endangered and threatened species services.

Environmental Permitting Services

Our clients rely on us when it comes to identifying and securing the necessary permits and approvals required to authorize activities and projects involving wetlands, regulated buffer zones, and other protected natural resource areas. 

We specialize in navigating the complex and often overlapping jurisdictions of the NJ Land Use Regulations.

>> View environmental permitting services.

We are excited to announce that effective January 2022, Amy Greene Environmental (AGE) has rebranded to Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG). While we are changing our brand, everything in our firm will remain the same in terms of our team of experts and the high-quality services we offer.

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Office Address:

4 Walter E. Foran Blvd., Suite 209
Flemington, NJ 08822

Sue Quackenbush, PWS - Area Manager: Susan.Quackenbush@davey.com | 908-788-9676 Ext 4903
Deborah Poniatowski - Marketing Director: Deborah.Poniatowski@davey.com  |  908-788-9676 Ext 4902
Harry Strano, QBTS - Department Manager, Coastal and Regional Permitting: Harry.Strano@davey.com | 908.788.9676 Ext 4907
Paul Miller, CPESC, ISA Certified Arborist
- Department Manager, Mitigation & Compliance: Paul.Miller@davey.com | 908-788-9676 Ext 4894
William Romaine, PWS, QBTS - Department Manager, E&T Species: Bill.Romaine@davey.com | 908-788-9676 Ext 4904
William Macholdt, PWS - Department Manager, Inland Permitting & GIS: Bill.Macholdt@davey.com | 908-788-9676 Ext 4892

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