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Growing Leadership in Urban Forestry

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) welcomes the Society of Municipal Arborists' Municipal Forestry Institute (MFI) class of 2020 to the urban forestry community. MFI, which took place on February 23-28 in Alabama, is a training opportunity for professionals in urban forestry on managerial and leadership skills.

MFI has four major components to its curriculum: developing a leadership approach to attendee’s positions in the field, thinking and planning strategically to advance urban forestry programs, working effectively with boards, coalitions, and non-profits, and managing the relationship between people and trees.

This year, DRG was well-represented at the event. DRG Regional Business Developer Andy Hillman participated as a member of the teaching cadre, sharing his years of industry experience with trainees. DRG also sent attendees from various locations across the U.S., including Sophia Rodbell from New York City, Tyler VanVlerah from Indiana, Andy Berg from Missouri, and Allison Serafin Steere from Colorado.

Rodbell says MFI was an overall positive experience, citing courses on succession planning, program advancement strategy, and communication as being key lessons for her. “Programs like these encourage people to fall back in love with their fields,” she says. “While I wasn’t out of love [with it] prior to, it was a wonderful boost to have in the middle of winter.”

To learn more about MFI and the Society of Municipal Arborists, click here.