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TreeKeeper® Inventory Management Software

An all-in-one urban forestry management system

Designed by Urban Foresters for Urban Foresters, TreeKeeper is the pioneer resource management software in our industry and continues to evolve to meet the changing demands of this field. Whether you are in the office or out in the field, coordinating and planning work with your internal crews and outside contractors, or providing benefits information to the public, TreeKeeper is a user-friendly and versatile tool that can easily access and manage your data from any location with an internet connection.

Now Available: TreeKeeper Canopy Planning Software

As a commitment to continually improving our software to meet or exceed your expectations, we are excited to announce the launch of the TreeKeeper Canopy urban forestry planning tool, which can help users visualize canopy assessment results in the same, easy-to-use interface as TreeKeeper.

Schedule a demo or call (866) 904-0068 with any questions. 

Interested in seeing what TreeKeeper can do for you? Contact us for more information and to see a demo of the software.

  • Powerful


    • Manage various asset inventories
    • Centralized collaboration tool
    • Unlimited data records
    • Customizable data attribute fields
    • Flexible search options
  • Proactive


    • Adjustable user permissions
    • Work planning
    • Call tracking
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Calculate ecosystem benefits
  • Mobile


    • Manage all data in the field
    • Coordinate field work
    • Attach photos
    • Location-aware interface
    • Mobile device friendly

Tree Inventory Solutions for All

Features and Benefits of TreeKeeper

  • Access inventory data and edit fields on the fly using any internet-connected device
  • Assign user permissions
  • Import existing inventory data or export TreeKeeper data and shapefiles
  • Integrations with popular third-party tools, like 311, Cartegraph, Cityworks, and FORMS
  • Upload photos, digital documents or custom aerial views
  • Add multiple layers for other assets
  • Create filters for quick access to important datasets
  • Reposition work tables for optimum map visibility
  • Generate printer-friendly work orders
  • Consume data from your GIS Department, providing real-time map updates to users
  • Configure TreeKeeper to auto-populate Location and Addressing information when sites are added to the system

See what TreeKeeper can do for you and request a demo today!

Interested in seeing what TreeKeeper can do for you?
Contact us for more information and to see a demo of the software.

Have a support question regarding your current TreeKeeper subscription? Contact TreeKeeperSupport@davey.com