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Avoid Project Delays due to Wetland Delineation Requirements

Davey Resource Group, Inc. can help you navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local regulations enacted to protect wetlands and waterways.
As a component of site identification and due diligence, DRG scientists will identify all regulated streams and wetlands on a site. Applying for necessary wetland permits can be a lengthy and confusing process. Having accurate information is a critical first step towards obtaining your permits in a timely fashion, and can help avoid expensive project delays.

We have extensive experience with stream and wetland delineation and permitting projects ranging from single-family property owners and large residential subdivisions to oil and gas pipeline construction and development of hospitals and other commercial properties across the country.

Clean Water Act Section 401 & 404

DRG’s staff has a deep understanding of the Clean Water Act and is well-versed with:

Section 404: Working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to request permits for dredge and fill activities within waters of the U.S.

Section 401: Working with the applicable state environmental agencies to ensure that a project does not negatively affect water quality.

Keep your projects moving forward with DRG’s expert guidance on stream and wetland restrictions.

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