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certified tree doctor

Certified Tree Doctor

Our tree doctors still make house calls. A good plant health care program starts with proactive monitoring.

We detect potential tree threats before they become severe and costly

Our tree doctors can help regularly assess your landscape and detect problems before they become advanced – one of the many benefits to the health of your landscape and the health of your wallet.

Our tree doctors specialize in tree health and tree risk assessments and take a holistic, scientific-based approach for maintaining a healthy landscape. They combine a visual inspection and creative technology like our micro-drilling device, to identify existing damage and potential risk. Our arborists can also recommend various types of corrective action for your trees and shrubs including pruning, cabling, bracing and even lightening protection systems.

Certified, Bonded, Insured and Trusted since 1880

At Davey, we strive to deliver assurance that your landscape provides safe and pleasant surroundings for you, your family and guests. The value of entrusting Davey to care for your landscape will be revealed by our commitment to stewardship, our drive to promote landscape beauty, and the peace of mind that comes from trusted care.

As professional arborists, we are not only bonded and insured but your local tree service team is TCIA Accredited and ISA Certified.

Use the contact form below to schedule a consultation, and learn how we can help with the concerns you have about your trees or browse our arborist advice area for great tree service care tips.

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