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What Makes Davey Tree Service Different?

Our professionally trained arborists can help you:

1. Grow Naturally.  With products like our patented fertilizer, Arbor Green PRO®, we mimic nature to help your trees and shrubs thrive with minimal risk to the environment.

2. Battle Bugs.  From hungry caterpillars to mites, to headline-grabbing invasive insects, no one manages pests better than Davey.

3. Prepare for Mother Nature.  Our arborists can help you prepare your precious trees for flooding, drought, high winds, ice storms and even hurricanes.

4. Save Money.  Our Plant Health Care approach places a heavy emphasis on inspection and monitoring by trained arborists and tree service professionals. The result? Our tree doctors have a greater opportunity to catch issues early, potentially saving thousands in costly tree removal and replanting services.

5. Calculate the Value of Your Trees.  You may know that your trees provide curb appeal, can reduce your heating and cooling bills and clean the air you breathe. But did you know just how much they are worth?

6. Get Ready for each Season.  Our arborists provide checklists and tree service tips, prepared by the scientists at The Davey Institute, to help you grow your landscape asset.

7. Plant Smart.  Whether you are planting for privacy, shade, or seasonal color impact, we can help you select the right plants for the right places.

8. Prune for the Future. Our master pruners can increase the longevity and health of your trees and shrubs...making your plants more beautiful in the process.

9. Preserve a Favorite Tree.  We care for some of North America’s oldest and most valuable trees. From lightning protection to construction preservation and tree risk assessments, we’ve got you covered.

10. Guarantee a great service experience.  With DaveyCare℠, you can expect value. Guaranteed.*

All of our tree services are ultimately custom-tailored to you and the requirements of your property.

To fully understand what Davey can do, take us up on a free consultation. Your local arborist will listen and provide the same high-quality, trusted advice our clients have requested since 1880.

* See www.davey.com/care for terms and conditions

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