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DRG Quickly Mobilizes Crews To Restore Service After Tornadoes in Midwest

Charter Communications

DRG crews quickly restored service in 86 areas of Hamilton County after a series of tornados hit the region, knocking out connectivity in a time of increased need.


The Challenge

Twelve level-zero tornadoes swept through Hamilton County, Ohio, April 8, 2020. The high-speed winds that came from the North damaged 86 areas of the county, leaving a large number of Charter Communications customers without power or service.

In a time when Wi-Fi has become a home necessity, Charter Communications wanted to restore service quickly. To help, the utility called on their 20-plus year relationship with Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG).

The Solution

Since the poles Charter Communications uses for their telecommunications lines are owned by various utility companies, DRG had to wait for the pole owners to complete repairs to utility poles and electric infrastructure before they could begin their work.

Working with three other contractors, DRG crews helped repair lines to restore service to Charter Communications customers. After only 4 days, 83 out of the 86 areas had service restored.

The Results

DRG restored telecommunications service to all 86 areas of Hamilton County by April 14, about a week after the storms had passed through. The quick response was thanks in part to DRG’s well-trained and dedicated staff working around the clock to restore service in a time-sensitive situation.


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