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Client Leverages Environmental Consulting to Protect Pipeline


Davey Tree’s Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. stabilizes streams to help protect the natural gas pipeline of a client.

The Challenge

Davey Tree’s Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc. (WSSI) initially worked with the utility to repair and improve stream conditions where erosion had exposed pipelines. WSSI has since repaired more streams to protect the utility’s gas lines, and also supported them by obtaining a waiver for in-stream work in Maryland and surveying for mussels where a pipeline crosses a Virginia river.

The Solution

Specific projects include:

  • WSSI completed four design-build projects for stream and slope stabilization projects to protect exposed pipelines, developing design plans, procuring the necessary permits, and completing the construction. For instance, when 30-inch gas mainlines were exposed by incised streams, WSSI successfully repaired and stabilized the streams, ultimately protecting the pipelines.
  • When the client was faced with a time of year restriction on in-stream work, WSSI obtained a waiver so that the client could replace existing pipeline as scheduled and service was not disrupted.
  • WSSI supported a large pipeline project in southern Virginia with freshwater mussel surveys and relocations. They evaluated the 90-mile pipeline corridor for the presence of state-protected mussel species and coordinated with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the client regarding the need for relocations, as well as completion of the relocation.

The Results

Overall, the utility and regulatory agencies have been pleased with the outcomes of these projects. WSSI continues to work closely with this utility in a variety of environmental consulting capacities.

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