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DRG and NYPA Partnership Drives Innovation in ESG Implementation

New York Power Authority

Davey Resource Group, Inc. partners with New York Power Authority to develop new procedures for environmental, social, and governance reporting–a critical measurement guiding business decisions for utility stakeholders.


The Opportunity

New York Power Authority (NYPA) is partnering with Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) to quantify and add right-of-way (ROW) land management results to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. ESG metrics guide the decisions of investors and owners in the utility vegetation management (UVM) industry. The growing emphasis on these measured values is challenging utilities to become innovative with their sustainability and culture reporting.

The Solution

DRG and NYPA are developing a pilot project that will provide NYPA the tools to report on ESG via trend analysis. Much of this new ESG initiative is translating ROW best management practices and measured attributes into advantages in ESG reporting. For NYPA, these analyses begin with assessing the current external measures they are evaluated on. For example, two positive ESG indicators include a high percentage of biodiversity and steadily decreasing carbon footprint over the past two decades as a result of implementing integrated vegetation management.

To accommodate NYPA’s software needs for ESG analysis, DRG is developing an ESG-specific, automated reporting mechanism contained within MyROWKeeper. MyROWKeeper is DRG’s back office and geospatial reporting system that was built completely in-house to support utilities with data analytics and project overview. This custom-built system will include reporting and visualization tools to support NYPA’s new initiatives.

The Result

This partnership with NYPA, and the resulting procedures and software development, is an exciting way forward for the UVM industry. This tool will help utilities analyze and report on the current positives and improve challenge areas.

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