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PG&E Revitalizes Green Roof Installations on San Francisco Substations

Pacific Gas and Electric

Davey Resource Group, Inc.’s auditing services provided the necessary recommendations for Pacific Gas and Electric for improved irrigation systems and new vegetation.


The Challenge

Keeping green infrastructure alive and thriving is no easy task in an urban setting, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) needed assistance to restore their green roof installations on three substations in San Francisco, California. Green roofing systems are contained green spaces on top of human-made structures. The San Francisco Green Building Code stipulates the need for green space on new developments to encourage rainwater recapture and urban cooling, and PG&E installed theirs four years ago to fulfill these specifications. The plant life had declined to the point of not satisfying regulation, however, so Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) was brought on to replant the green roof and reassess the irrigation system to bring these systems back into compliance.

The Solution

The versatility of DRG team members meant that they could jump from utility vegetation management to green roof installations with relative ease. Despite handling this shift, they were also able to balance San Francisco’s regulations and PG&E’s budgetary requirements to install to specifications. Auditing on irrigation systems was also a new obstacle for this DRG team, but they had the expertise to rise to the challenge.

The Result

Givonne Law, a DRG Restoration Coordinator, reported that, “Everyone jumped on board so flawlessly. While this was a very technical project, we had the team members with the necessary, diverse array of expertise to complete it.” Maintained landscapes such as PG&E’s substations will become more and more regulated over time, so this presented an excellent opportunity to ensure PG&E’s success.

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