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Davey Takes Early Action to Ensure Reliable Service During Pandemic in Florida

Southeastern U.S. Utility

A Southeastern U.S. utility’s early adoption of additional safety measures helped prevent service disruptions during the COVID pandemic.


The Challenge

For over a hundred years, an electric utility based in the Southeastern U.S. has been focused on crew safety and service reliability, a company value that long-time partner Davey can attest to. This commitment is especially apparent in the time of COVID-19.

Much like any other facet of electric power transmission and distribution, safety remains our top value. In the face of the pandemic, the utility and Davey partnered to implement additional safety measures quickly.

The Solution

COVID-19 was on the utility’s radar in February, and they reached out to the Davey team to solicit recommendations for new safety plans to put in place. Davey released guidelines for those working in the field, such as maintaining a 6-foot distance, wearing a face cover, and using precautionary measures to limit surface touch in an effort to prevent possible contact and spread of COVID-19.

Davey also limited vehicle capacity to a maximum of three members per vehicle, and only two where possible, required additional hand sanitation on job sites, and required daily temperature checks of every employee in the field.

The Results

Because of the utility and Davey’s proactive approach to COVID-19 precautions, there has been no interruption to their utility line clearance schedule due to worker illness. Davey’s work keeping the utility’s lines clear helps power essential businesses such as hospitals during a time they are needed most.

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