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Utility Safety

Davey’s Commitment to Safety

Keep it Safe! is a universal motto among Davey's employee owners. Regardless of geographic location, job class, or work environment, Davey employee owners share a common goal - getting the job done safely. For Davey employees, safety is more than a line on a job description or a condition of employment.

While safe work practices are a responsibility shared by all employees, Davey staffs a safety department made up of Certified Treecare Safety Professionals and other experts that provide employees with the latest safety techniques, technologies and support. This group works closely with local, state and federal agencies to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.

Employees are committed to a safe and productive workplace, a value embodied in the Road to Zero program, in which employees strive to pro-actively correct potentially unsafe conditions and achieve annual injury free workplace goals. The end result is a safe and productive environment for employees and additional cost savings for Davey customers.

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