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Effective Work Plans for Post Auditing, Customer Notifications & Community Relations 

Vegetation work planning provides detailed vegetation management workloads and prescriptions for utility companies. Through this, utility foresters develop work manifests that are issued to line clearance tree crews, helping to most efficiently manage vegetation along transmission and distribution rights-of-way. 

Vegetation work planning can reduce costs on a per-mile basis by identifying actual work that needs to be done. The goal is to streamline operations and spending, particularly because vegetation management is one of the largest budget items for a utility. Work planning aids with efficiencies in time management and budgeting. 

Additionally, vegetation work planning contributes to increased reliability, eliminating the need for hot-spotting by addressing hazard trees and cycle busters before they cause issues. Work can be done to help mitigate risks and avoid outages. 

Davey Resource Group, Inc. (DRG) provides expert work planning by customizing programs to specific utility needs. DRG’s utility arborists capture workload data and can access real-time information from any device with a cellular/internet connection. Data such as completed and open work areas, storm damage photos, and property owner information are at their fingertips. 

Utility clientele can then utilize this information for accurate, real-time circuit analysis of forecasted remediation cost. 

DRG’s arborists and foresters have the expertise and ongoing training to provide clients the most skilled team in the industry, and our employees are encouraged to learn and grow in their careers and experience. 

DRG is the industry leader. Our team of ISA Certified Arborist Utility Specialists™ and trained foresters have a comprehensive understanding of utility vegetation management and overall tree care best practices. Additionally, we have extensive in-house resources through the Davey Institute, which comprises experts and research teams in arboriculture, entomology, biology, and more. 

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